Say Goodbye to Waiting Rooms With

On-Demand Online Vet Appointments

Why Choose Tele-Pet Harmony?

Immediate Access

No need to wait for an appointment. Schedule a video meet anytime


Consult with vets from anywhere, anytime. Perfect for busy pet owners or those with mobility challenges

Emergency Advice

In critical situations, quick advice can make all the difference

Peace of Mind

For those times when you're not sure if a vet visit is necessary, we're here to guide you


Avoid the costs of unnecessary physical vet visits

Pet Harmony Can

Assist You With

Stress & Anxiety Management

Behavioral Consultation

Mild Digestive Concerns

Dental Care

Chronic Condition Management

End of Life Discussion

And Much More...

More Features For You

Online Pharmacy

Pet Harmony's Online Pharmacy is your one-stop-shop for all your pet needs: anything from kibble to medicine

Pet Records

You can grab your pet's records from old to recent visits with just one click with Pet Harmony

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