On-Demand Online Vet Consultations

On-Demand Online Vet Consultations

Frequently Asked Questions

Our focus is providing flexible and convenient care to pet parents.

Using an incredible veterinary telemedicine platform, we aim to eliminate the issues so many pet owners are having. Pet Harmony video consultations help pet owners solving inconveniences such as: waiting to get an appointment that works for their schedule, costly visits to the vet, limited access to experienced veterinarians to answer their questions, and pet anxiety when going to the vet.

What is Pet Harmony?

Pet Harmony is a leading tele-triage and tele-advice app that connects pet owners with licensed veterinarians instantly via chat or video call. We specialize in providing expert recommendations and advice 24/7, ensuring that professional veterinary guidance is accessible any me without the need for prescheduling. For user-friendly updates, alerts, and essential news tailored for pet parents, visit petharmonyapp.com.

 What services does Pet Harmony offer?

As specialists in tele-triage and tele-advice, we focus on providing non-diagnos c guidance to help pet owners manage minor issues at home or determine when in person veterinary care is necessary. Please note, we do not provide diagnoses, treatments, or prescriptions.

How quickly can I speak with a vet?

You can speak with a vet typically within one minute of accessing our app, ensuring immediate access to professional assistance.

What are the costs associated with using Pet Harmony?

1. Subscription Service: For $9.99 per month, enjoy uninterrupted access to our tele-advice services 24/7/365.
2. On-Demand Service: For a flat fee of $25, you can make unlimited calls within a 24-hour period, ensuring comprehensive support for any immediate concerns.

How can I make the most of the Pet Harmony app?

Upon downloading Pet Harmony, you can set up a detailed profile for your pet that includes medical records, vaccine history, and relevant documents. You can also upload photos or videos and input your pet clinic's information. Our app allows for the addition of multiple pets, enabling you to manage all their medical information in one place, ready for any emergency.

Why should I use Pet Harmony if no diagnosis or treatment is provided?

Our tele-triage service helps you assess the urgency of your pet's condi on and provides guidance on whether a vet visit is warranted. This advice can prevent unnecessary trips to the vet or ER, par cularly during late hours, helping you save me and reduce costs.

Who can benefit from using Pet Harmony?

Our app is ideal for any pet owner in need of immediate veterinary advice. It is also beneficial for pet resorts, insurance companies, and corpora ons looking to provide addi onal benefits to their clients or employees.

What common pet issues can Pet Harmony address?

Our veterinarians can help with a variety of concerns, including:
• Minor injuries and first aid
• Behavioral issues
• Dietary concerns
• Allergies, itching, vomiting, and diarrhea
• Signs of illness
• Preventative care advice
• General follow-up care questions after a vet visit

What happens if I lose connection during a call?

Our on-demand service ensures that you can reconnect and continue your consultation without any additional charge.

How do I obtain a transcript of my consultation?

A er each consultation, we email a detailed transcript to you. Clinics, pet resorts, or shelters associated with your pet will also receive a transcript to ensure continuity of care.

Can Pet Harmony guide me on when to take my pet to the vet?

Yes, our tele-triage capabilities enable our vets to assess symptoms and provide advice on the necessity of in-person visits, aiding in timely and informed decision-making.

How does Pet Harmony ensure the quality of its veterinary advice?

All our veterinarians are licensed professionals who provide reliable and timely advice based on their expertise.

What should I have ready before star ng a consultation?

For an effective consultation, have your pet’s medical history available, note any recent changes in their behavior or condition, and keep your pet nearby if possible.

How does Pet Harmony handle my data privacy?

We prioritize the security and confidentiality of all personal and medical information, using encryption and secure storage practices.

Are there emergency situations where Pet Harmony recommends direct ER or vet visits?

Yes, in emergencies such as severe distress or suspected poisoning, we advise immediate in-person care.

Is Pet Harmony available internationally?

Currently, Pet Harmony is available throughout the United States. Ensure you have a stable internet connection to utilize our services effectively.

What to Expect in a Consultation?

During a consulta on, our veterinarians will ask about your pet’s medical history, age, vaccina on status, any chronic conditions, and general health questions such as whether your pet is eating, drinking, and breathing normally. Based on this information, the vet will provide recommendations which may include over-the-counter supplements, shampoos, and other non-prescription products.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

On-Demand Calls: Since we compensate our veterinarians for their me, refunds for on demand calls are not available. However, we ensure that each consulta on delivers valuable advice and support.

Subscription Service: You can cancel your subscription within 30 days if you find that you are not using the service. This policy is designed to provide flexibility and ensure satisfaction with our offering.

How to Prepare for an Emergency

On-Demand Calls: Since we compensate our veterinarians for their me, refunds for on demand calls are not available. However, we ensure that each consulta on delivers valuable advice and support.

Subscription Service: You can cancel your subscription within 30 days if you find that you are not using the service. This policy is designed to provide flexibility and ensure satisfaction with our offering.

Data Protection and Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously and implement robust security measures to protect your and your pet's data. Informa on shared during consulta ons is encrypted and stored securely. Users have the right to access their data or request its dele on upon discon nuing use of our services.

User Responsibilities

Users are responsible for providing accurate and complete information about their pets' health and medical history. Accurate information is crucial for our veterinarians to deliver appropriate advice. Users should also follow through on recommendations responsibly and seek in-person veterinary care when advised.

Limitations of Tele-triage and Tele-advice

Tele-triage and tele-advice are excellent for managing non-critical issues and deciding when to seek in-person care, but they do not replace the need for physical exams or diagnostic tests that can only be performed by a veterinarian in a clinic se ng. Our service is designed to complement, not replace, traditional veterinary care.

Testimonials and Success Stories

We are proud to share stories from satisfied users who have found our service invaluable. (Note: Nathalie will provide actual testimonials, showcasing how Pet Harmony has helped pet owners.)

Contact Information for Further Support

For additional support or technical issues, users can contact our support team through the app or via our website. We ensure that help is readily available to address any concerns or questions.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Pet Harmony collaborates with a network of veterinary clinics and pet care professionals to ensure high standards of advice and to keep our prac ce up to date. These partnerships reflect our commitment to providing the best possible care for your pets. Note: Nathalie will provide you with updated partnership list as they join us.

Future Features and Planned Updates

We continuously strive to improve Pet Harmony based on user feedback and advances in veterinary care. Future updates may include enhanced diagnostic tools within the app, integra on with more clinics for seamless care, and expanded availability to new regions.

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