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Who Do We Partner With?

Veterinary Clinics

Extend Your Support

Offer your clients 24/7 access to expert veterinary advice, especially for after-hours care. Pet Harmony helps you provide continuous support, ensuring pets receive timely care even when your clinic is closed.

Pet Stores

Enhance Customer Loyalty

Provide your customers with expert advice on pet care, nutrition, and behavior. Partnering with Pet Harmony enhances your store's value and builds long-term loyalty by ensuring your customers have the support they need.

Pet Insurance Companies

Reduce Claims

Offer an additional service to your policyholders by providing access to Pet Harmony. Prevent minor issues from escalating into major claims with timely, expert advice.

Pet Groomers

Add Value to Your Services

Give your clients grooming tips and health advice. By partnering with Pet Harmony, you enhance your grooming services and ensure pets look and feel their best.

Pet Boarding Facilities

Enhance Peace of Mind

Ensure pet owners have access to veterinary advice while their pets are in boarding. Partnering with Pet Harmony provides peace of mind, knowing their pets are cared for even when they're away.

Animal Shelters and Rescues

Increase Successful Adoptions

Offer adopters ongoing support with Pet Harmony. This partnership increases successful adoptions and reduces returns by ensuring new pet owners have the guidance they need.

Pet Breeders

Ensure Better Care

Provide new pet owners with immediate access to expert advice. Partnering with Pet Harmony ensures better care for the animals and enhances your reputation as a responsible breeder.

Pet Training Schools

Complement Training Programs

Offer immediate behavioral advice to complement your training programs. Partnering with Pet Harmony adds value and supports the ongoing success of your trainees.

Mobile Pet Services

Offer Added Support

Enhance your mobile grooming or veterinary services with an added layer of support and consultation from Pet Harmony, ensuring comprehensive care for pets on the go.

Pet Daycare Centers

Provide Health Updates

Keep pet owners informed with health and wellness updates throughout the day. Partnering with Pet Harmony ensures pets receive continuous care and attention.

Pet Food Manufacturers

Enhance Brand Trust

Offer nutritional advice to your customers through Pet Harmony. This partnership enhances brand trust and loyalty by ensuring pet owners make informed choices about their pets' diets.

Pet Bloggers and Influencers

Increase Content Value

Partner with Pet Harmony to provide your audience with expert advice. This collaboration increases the value of your content and strengthens your influence in the pet community.

Pet Sitting Services

Improve Service Reliability

Ensure sitters have access to expert advice in case of emergencies. Partnering with Pet Harmony improves the reliability of your services and provides peace of mind for pet owners.

Online Pet Retailers

Enhance Customer Service

Offer advice on product use and pet care through Pet Harmony. This partnership enhances customer service and ensures your customers get the most out of their purchases.

Corporate Wellness Programs

Promote Overall Well-Being

Include pet wellness as part of employee benefits. Partnering with Pet Harmony promotes overall well-being and supports the health of employees' pets.

Travel Agencies Specializing in Pet Travel

Ensure Safe Travel

Provide advice for traveling with pets, ensuring safety and compliance with regulations. Partnering with Pet Harmony enhances your services and ensures a smooth travel experience for pets and their owners.

Pet Product Subscription Boxes

Add Expert Advice

Offer added value through expert advice on using products included in the subscription boxes. Partnering with Pet Harmony ensures your customers get the most out of their subscriptions.

Pet Event Organizers

Ensure Positive Experiences

Provide on-the-spot advice during pet events. Partnering with Pet Harmony ensures a positive experience for all attendees and enhances the success of your events.

Pet-Friendly Hotels and Accommodations

Enhance Guest Experience

Offer pet care advice during guests' stays. Partnering with Pet Harmony ensures pet-friendly hotels and accommodations provide top-notch care for their furry guests, enhancing the overall guest experience.

By partnering with Pet Harmony, you can elevate your pet services and provide unparalleled support to your clients.
Join us in our mission to ensure pets receive the best care possible, anytime and anywhere.

Flexible Schedules

You can schedule your own hours online, even after clinic hours to ensure continuity of pet owners' peace of mind

Effortless Reporting

Receive detailed follow-up reports after each consultation, ensuring that you are always informed

Profit Sharing Opportunities

Streamline your patient servicing and increase revenue that may include prescriptions, supplements, virtual visits, and more.

Operational Efficiency

You don't have to handle routine questions and concerns. We'll give them to you and you can focus on the operations, optimizing time and resources.

Increased Retention

At Pet Harmony, we embrace telehealth to demonstrate veterinary care fostering trust and reliability with clients. We guide pet owners back to your clinic to enhance loyalty

Broaden Your Reach

Attract clients looking for telehealth convenience, expanding your clinic's base

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