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"Setting up the consultation for my cat on their website was easy and took me no time at all. The appointment availability matched my schedule perfectly and the veterinarian who I spoke with was beyond helpful!"


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"My dog has a lot of anxiety when it's at the vet, as a result I always dreaded taking her to vet appointments. Pet Harmony's video consultations eliminated my dog's anxiety from the unnecessary visits to the vet and made it easy to stay on-top of her health needs."


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Tips to Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy This Winter

November 28, 20233 min read

As winter blankets the world in a layer of frost, dog owners may find themselves grappling with the challenge of ensuring their furry companions get enough exercise. The cold weather and shorter days can make outdoor activities seem less appealing, but it's crucial to keep our dogs active even during the winter months. Here are creative ways to ensure your canine friend stays fit, happy, and healthy when the temperature drops.

Winter Walks with a Twist: While the idea of a brisk walk in freezing temperatures may not sound appealing, it's a fantastic way to keep both you and your dog active. Equip your pup with a cozy doggy sweater or jacket to keep them warm. Consider choosing daylight hours for walks, and exploring scenic winter landscapes together. If the sidewalks are icy, invest in dog booties to provide better traction and protect their paws.

Indoor Playtime: When the weather outside is frightful, turn to indoor play as a delightful alternative. Interactive toys, such as puzzle feeders and treat-dispensing balls, can engage your dog's mind and provide a workout. Clear a safe space and engage in games like fetch or tug-of-war to get their heart pumping. This not only burns energy but also strengthens the bond between you and your furry friend.

Canine Winter Sports: Embrace the winter spirit by introducing your dog to canine winter sports. Depending on the availability in your area, activities like dog-friendly snowshoeing or skijoring (where your dog pulls you on skis) can be exhilarating for both you and your pet. These activities provide a unique way to enjoy the winter scenery while keeping your dog active and engaged.

Indoor Training Sessions: Winter is an excellent time to work on your dog's training indoors. Teach them new tricks, reinforce basic commands, or even enroll in a local indoor obedience class. Mental stimulation is just as crucial as physical exercise for dogs, and training sessions provide a constructive way to keep their minds active during the winter months.

Doggy Playdates: Socializing is important for your dog's well-being, and winter shouldn't hinder their opportunities to interact with other furry friends. Arrange playdates with fellow dog owners, either at a dog-friendly indoor facility or in a fenced backyard. Social interactions not only provide exercise but also contribute to your dog's mental and emotional health.

Swimming Sessions: If your dog enjoys water activities, consider finding a dog-friendly indoor swimming facility. Swimming is an excellent low-impact exercise that works the entire body and helps burn off excess energy. It's also a fantastic option for dogs with joint issues, providing a gentle yet effective workout.

As the winter chill sets in, maintaining your dog's exercise routine becomes a bit more challenging but is no less important. With a bit of creativity and a willingness to embrace the season, you can keep your furry friend active, happy, and healthy throughout the winter months. Whether it's a snowy walk, an indoor play session, or trying out a new winter sport, the key is to adapt and find activities that both you and your dog enjoy. So, bundle up, grab your dog's favorite toy, and make the most of the winter wonderland together!

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