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Why Partner with Pet Harmony Telehealth?

  • 24/7 Support: Licensed veterinarians and vet technicians available after-hours ensuring continuity of care and peace of mind

  • Profit Sharing: Boost your clinic’s revenue with a share of every call or subscription

  • Operational Efficiency: We will handle the routine questions and concerns. Your team can focus on in-person appointments and procedures, optimizing time and resources

  • Effortless Reporting: Receive detailed follow-up reports after each consultation, ensuring you’re always informed.

  • Increased Retention: We guide pet owners back to your clinic for in-person visits enhancing client loyalty.

  • Building Trust: Embrace telehealth to demonstrate cutting-edge veterinary care fostering trust and reliability with clients

  • Broaden Your Reach: Attract clients looking for telehealth convenience, expanding your clinic’s

Telehealth veterinary clinic

Prescriptions and online vet care 24/7 from the comfort of home.

Our focus is providing flexible and convenient care to pet parents. Using an incredible veterinary telemedicine platform, we aim to eliminate the issues so many pet owners are having. Pet Harmony video consultations help pet owners solving inconveniences such as: waiting to get an appointment that works for their schedule, costly visits to the vet, limited access to experienced veterinarians to answer their questions, and pet anxiety when going to the vet.

Pet Harmony's platform benefits veterinarians and veterinary technicians by allowing them greater workplace flexibility. Another benefit of workplace flexibility is it also supports diversity, equity, and inclusion that helps us build a strong a team of passionate veterinary experts devoted to giving better access access to pet care directly to the community.

Prescriptions and online vet care 24/7 from the comfort of home.

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How it works

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How it works

Connect to a vet

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