Increased Revenue For Your Practice

Streamline Your Patient Servicing and Increase Revenue

Helping Pet Owners and Vets Work Together

Pet Harmony works as the perfect compliment to your existing practice. By providing 24/7 access to a licensed veterinarian, pet owners can be guided in diagnosing their pet's symptoms and determine if an in-office visit will need to be made.

Profit Sharing Opportunities

Streamline your patient servicing and increase revenue with profit sharing opportunities. These opportunities include prescriptions, supplements, virtual visits and more.

Streamline Continuity of Care

When pet owners have questions and concerns, especially after hours, it's important that they are able to consult with a vet at a moment's notice. By bringing your practice into the 21st century you can provide pet owners with the care they need while increasing your top-line revenue and retention rate.

Flexible Scheduling For Everyone

Continue to earn more revenue even after your office closes for the day with virtual consultations. This level of flexibility can be enjoyed by both the pet owner who would normally have to wait for professional care and the vet who wants to work extra hours from the comfort of their home.

Founder and CEO Dr Azza Diasti-Kennedy, DVM, MBA

  • Cario University and Cornell University graduated veterinarian
  • MIT Sloan School Of Management Executive Masters In Business Administration

MIT Certificate of Business Analytics

  • Harvard University Certificate In Entrepreneurship In Emerging Economies
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Founder and CEO

Dr. Azza Diasti-Kennedy, DVM, MBA

Dr. Azza Diasti-Kennedy, DVM, MBA is the Founder and CEO of Pet Harmony Inc

Dr. Azza worked as a practicing veterinarian in Tampa, Florida for over 20 years. After graduating from Cairo University and Cornell University as a veterinarian, she started her career at Lakeside Animal Hospital in 2001 and bought the hospital in 2005. After building the business and a loyal following of patients, she broke ground on a brand new, state-of-the-art, animal medical center in 2009. Lakeside Animal Hospital became AAHA certified, an achievement received by fewer than 15% of all animal hospitals in the United States and Canada.

Dr. Azza focused her career on small animal internal medicine and surgery and had a particular interest in Pet dentistry and Acupuncture. Dr Azza holds a certification in animal acupuncture from the Chi Institute of Chinese Medicine. She completed a Dentistry Externship at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine and intensive dental training courses and has applied both disciplines at her practice.

Most recently, Dr. Azza earned an Executive Master's in Business Administration from the MIT Sloan School of Management, a certificate in Business Analytics from MIT, and a certificate in Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies from Harvard University. Throughout this application-based learning experience, she applied her veterinary knowledge and business skills, transitioning from the brick-and-mortar practice she built to an incredible veterinary telemedicine platform designed to deliver flexible and convenient care to pet parents.

Dr. Sandra Yosha, DVM, PHD

Dr. Yosha graduated from Tufts University in 1986 and has treated dogs and cats throughout her veterinary career. Additionally, prior to and while in veterinary school, Dr. Yosha received specialized training in endocrinology and aquatic animal medicine. She owned a private pet fish practice, focusing on ponds and aquariums and received recognition for her expertise in koi and goldfish medicine. Her fish practice included water quality analysis, anesthesia, general medicine, x-rays and ultrasound, surgery, and special diagnostics for fish patients.

Over the years, Dr. Yosha’s family grew to include two children (first one born during freshman year in veterinary school), both of whom are now successful adults, one new granddaughter and many varied family members, including gerbils, hamsters, fish, and of course many dogs and cats.

Recently, Dr. Yosha has been guiding clients, family, and friends through becoming first time pet parents as well as end of life issues (euthanasia) using her own personal journey through all of life’s stages in her own life (school, marriage, children. grandchildren and loss of loved family members--human and pets). Quality of life and decisions regarding euthanasia are among the most difficult but also can make the biggest impact when able to help someone else through it. Nothing adds to our lives more than the people and animals in our company and nothing hurts more than the loss.

When not in the clinic, Dr. Yosha performs in local community theater—especially musicals. She shares her talents with her son who was in a show with her, but when not onstage, they sing with a guitar or at karaoke. She enjoys trivia, board games, card games, and kayaking in coastal waters and rivers and visiting local Florida hiking trails. She also enjoys traveling—Alaska and Galapagos are among her favorite destinations.

Her passion also includes preservation of the oceans and land-based wildlife. She helped rescue orphaned seal pups as well as dogs and cats and is an advocate for habitat preservation globally, but especially for local Florida species such as bees, fish, manatees, turtles, armadillos, foxes, deer, birds, tortoises and others.

“Veterinarians are tasked with protecting the health and welfare of all species on earth- except one.”

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